Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020

Are you looking for the Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020?


Then, Yes, now you have reached the correct place. Let’s know about the Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020 & also I have done a in-depth comparison between them. So, you don’t have to be confused to choose your ideal cloud web hosting.

In 2020, there are several companies are coming to offer you cloud hosting packages at the cheapest price guaranteed. But believe me, most of them are just to waste your money and time.

So, don’t waste your money, effort & time in such web hosting companies.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

In the field of web hosting revolution, Cloud hosting or Cloud Web Hosting is the newest, flexible, and powerful way to host your website with millions of traffic.

It is made with a large number of remote servers that are distributed all over the global data center locations of the hosting provider. It’s costly than a normal Shared Hosting, but believe me, it’s the most need ideal web hosting that you’re finding till the starting of your online journey.

Below I have mentioned some useful points about the Cloud Hosting features & why you should consider for Cloud Web Hosting for stunning your website.

Features of Cloud Web Hosting:

Here are the some awesome features that you may be don’t know about the Cloud Hosting.

1. Pay for what you have used

Cloud hosting pricing & charges are flexible and you just have to pay to the hosting company for what you have used or used by your website. In simple language, in shared hosting, you have to pay for the whole assigned shared server.

But in the case of Cloud Web Hosting Pricing you just need to pay for what amount of server resources is/are used by your website/websites.

Example: If you have been allocated 2 GB RAM in Cloud Server but your website just used 1 GB, then you only have to pay for the 1GB RAM and nothing more. So, isn’t it a good idea to shift to Cloud Hosting for huge yearly savings?

2. Scalable Server Resources

Cloud Hosting servers are scalable as on the go. That means if you need extra RAM or CPU cores or storage in the server to handle the heavy traffic, then you can add them as easy as drinking a glass water.

Maybe sometimes you need to contact the hosting company for that, but I’m quite sure that the hosting company will never dissatisfy you.

3. Awesome Speed & Performance

As said you above, Cloud Hosting servers are connect with all global data centers of the hosting company, so your website load time will be much faster than before.

Not only that but also the scalable server resources will boost your website to your website visitors.

So, these are the 3 main points why we choose cloud web hosting. But there are also many more features like Full Control of server, desired app installation, A/B testing and many more.

I don’t do you believe me or not? But just switch with any cloud web hosting you will understand the fact then.

List of Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2020

So here it the ultimate list of Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2020. Keep in mind that these aren’t our sponsored companies, these are just made for you by testing their services manually.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020:

1. Amazon AWS


I know that you’re familiar with Amazon as a global leading E-commerce company. But do you know that Amazon is among the Best Web Hosting provider since July 2002?

Yes, Amazon is in our Best Cloud Web Hosting Companies List. Not just for brand value, but their service is awesome. You will get a full dedicated AWS Console where you can do anything that you want when you choose them for your need.

Amazon AWS is fully a complete Cloud Web Solution Platform. Companies like Netflix, Twitch, Facebook, Linkedin, BBC, etc are all Amazon AWS Customers.

You can also enjoy all of the major AWS features for free up to 12 months.

So, isn’t is good?

2. Google Cloud Platform


We all know about Google since the day when we had done our first search in internet.

So, the company Google LLC. offers Cloud hosting, which is known as Google Cloud Platform.

It is also one of best cloud web hosting provider in 2020.

But you might be thinking that Google Cloud will be much costly than others. But it’s totally the opposite of that. With Google Cloud Platform you will get 1 year completely free trial with $300 credits which you can use to host your website for free.

3. Digital Ocean


You will have no believe on me if I say Digital Ocean the trending & popular with most cheapest price Cloud VPS Provider, starting just from $5/month.

I have used Digital Ocean for a long & found it’s too awesome. Not only me but my all known have said that it’s the ultimate destination web hosting for their websites.

Digital Ocean also has some cool features which you will get just in your finger tups such has Load Balancer, Auto backup, Storage Block Bucket & more. That’s all just from $5.

But here is a bonus gift for our blog readers. If you just sign up for a Digital Ocean account right now, then you will get $100 Bonus which you can use for free to use the Digital Ocean Console.

Then have a try, click here to grab the $100 in your account.

4. Vultr


Vultr is also an awesome Cloud VPS Provider but cheaper than Digital Ocean. Vultr’s pricing starts just from $2.50 per month, which any beginner can easily afford to host his website with a super-fast cloud web host.

I just have an amazing experience with Vultr, and highly recommend for any beginner who wants to try cloud hosting.

Their support staff is also well experienced. That’s why I have included in the list of Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020.

Try Vultr just once with a $100 free credits, No Credit Card is Required.

5. Linode


Linode is just that which you can expect in the field of Cloud Hosting. Most valuable companies like Cloud Ways, Nsoft, etc are recognized as the Linode LLC for their valuable services.

Their servers are easily scalable & you can pay as on the go usage. And if you’re not satisfied with their services then you can just ask for your refund and they provide a 7 days money-back guarantee.

Try once & then tell me in the comment box below about your experience with Linode.

Hurry up There is a Free Migration Service available for first time signup.

These are all about the Best & Cheapest Cloud VPS providers in 2020. But if you’re new in the field of this websites, cloud etc then you might be get trouble to setup servers for first time only. But believe when you do your first server then you will be just an expert of cloud computing.

So, if you feel trouble with them here are some alternatives with Free Control Panel which you will get with Cloud Web Hosting. Also, the company is ready to help you by 24*7 with any problems.

So, let see the Best Cloud Hosting Providers with CPanel or Control Panel. But remember that Cloud Web Hosting with Cpanel or Control Panel may cost you more than the above mentioned Cloud VPS providers.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers with Cpanel/Control Panel in 2020:

1. SiteGround:

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround is super awesome for beginners who really wnats to use cloud web hosting with free control panel. The main benefit of using Site Ground Cloud Web Hosting is, you can setup or migrate your website in just few click, no server setup is required.

And if you’re looking for powerful cloud hosting for a WordPress website, then you must have to know that Site Ground is officially recommended by

It’s super easy & on the go benefit. Try once Site Ground Cloud Web Hosting & get your website ready in 1 minute.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost Web Hosting

Blue host is also a leading hosting provider in this industry since their starting. Their service is too powerful, affordable & comes with 24*7 help & support.

If you’re really looking for a powerful & strong cloud web hosting, then BlueHost is just for you.

But the main fact why people avoid the Blue Host is just because of their renewal rates. So, if you earn more than others from your website & have a large amount of traffic then go with Blue Host, it will never lose you.

3. Hostgator

HostGator Cloud Web Hosting

Hostgator is also a powerful cloud hosting provider in this hosting industry. Then are not just better, they are perfect at the level of cloud web hosting.

If you have found or sometimes hear about the blog WPBeginner, then let me inform you that WPBeginner is hosted on the Hostgator Cloud Web Hosting, after a long comparison between hosting companies.

For you help, the Hostgator Cloud Hosting Starts from $4.95/month.

That’s why Hostgator is in my Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020’s List.

4. Resellerclub

ResellerClub Cloud Web Hosting

Resellerclub is the ultimate solution for you if you’re really looking for a cheap, affordable & better cloud hosting in 2020.

I am using Resellerclub for one of my blog till now since last 4 years. And truly saying it’s amazing that what I have expect.

This hosting comes with multiple server locations, Pure SSD Space, Free SSL & Cpanel Included.

One of The best digital marketing blog Tryootech, is hosted on Resellerclub.

Not but the least they have got great recommendations from Global & India’s pro bloggers as well.

Resellerclub is Must recommended if you want a cheap cost Cloud Web Hosting for your website in 2020.

So, it’s final & ultimately decided list for Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2020. I hope you really enjoyed the article.


As a experienced digital marketing expert from India, I have tried too many hosting companies in my life till now. So, I may have the better experience with web hosting & all. That’s why I have provided the list above about the best cloud hosting providers. These aren’t sponsored, these are best on my personal opinion. Because your satisfaction is my first priority.

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