[Fixed] How to Disable Own Page Views in Google Analytics?

Are you getting 1K+ visitors daily on your blog from the starting? Wait… Are they not your own page views? So, today’s topic is How to Disable Own Page Views in Google Analytics.


Basically, Google Analytics is a really very good free tool for web and apps developers to monitor all the stats. But the problem is this tool doesn’t understand to do not add me means the owner/developer in its tracking list and tracks you with others.

You may face this problem at least once when from when you have started your first website. It’s very common that Google Analytics counts your own page views with others. And at the end of the day, you think “Yeah! I got ABC users on my website today”. But actually, it is not because the GA tool has counted your views also. If you exclude your page views the number of visitors will be too low in your stating days.

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But before going ahead let me know how many times your check your Analytics to view the daily users’ report of your website,—I’m quite sure it’s must be once or more than once in a day.

So, let’s get started on this topic.

Why Google Analytics Tracks your Page Views?

I have already told you that it’s a tool and by default, it doesn’t understand to don’t count the stats of the website owner/developer. That’s why GA shows your page views as “Direct Visit” in the traffic source tab. There may be other reasons for a direct visit but most probably it’s the one and only point.

Now here I will explain how to stop it in 2 different ways. One will be for only WordPress users and the second one will be for all website users including WordPress.

How to Disable Own Page Views in Google Analytics?

Here is how you can do that easily. Remember that do not apply all methods, just use anyone.

For WordPress:

To disable the counting of your own views in Google Analytics for WordPress users, you don’t need to do any kind of hard work. All will be done just in a one-click solution. But please remove the existing GA Tag from your website first before proceed, else you may get unexpected results in your Google Analytics dashboard.

How to Disable Own Page Views in Google Analytics in WordPress?

Step 1: Login to WP Admin, then go to Plugins > Add New.

Step 2: Search for Flying Analytics by Gijo Varghese. Install and activate it.

Flying Analytics by WP Speed Matters
Flying Analytics by WP Speed Matters

Step 3: Go to the plugin settings.

Step 4: Add your Tracking ID in the box choose the Minimal Analytics Inlined from the drop-down and must click on the checkbox of Disable for logged in admins.

Flying Analytics plugin Settings
Flying Analytics plugin Settings

That’s all now if you visit your WordPress website there will no visits be counted of yours.

For All Platforms:

This part needs some technical explanation. So, read carefully. We will use 2 methods to do this. Use anyone which you like.

How to Disable Own Page Views in Google Analytics in Other Websites?

1. Using Browser Extension – Block Yourself from Analytics

Like Grammarly, SimilarWeb, etc there is also a browser extension on Chrome Web Store which is popular as – Block Yourself from Analytics.

Block Yourself from Analytics
Block Yourself from Analytics

You will just need to add it to your browser. Then click on the extension icon and enter the website URL which you do want to exclude from Google Analytics Tracking. Hit the Save button then.

Block Yourself From Analytics Extension Option
Block Yourself From Analytics Extension Option

It’s as easy as that. But keep in mind this method only will only work from the browser where you have installed the extension.

2. Using Google Analytics Filter

In this method, We have to filter us from the list of visitors. then GA will exclude me from counting. To do this just Login to your Google Analytics Account > Admin >  All filters.

Now there will be a button called +Add Filter, then Choose Predefined Filter type and then Exclude then traffic from the IP addresses, that are equal to and paste your IP in the below box. Don’t know your IP, click here to know your IP

Google Analytics Filter Settings
Google Analytics Filter Settings

You will be able to see the views in Available Views box, select and click on add to move that to Selected Views.

Finally hit the Save button to make the change. That’s all. Now GA will not show you any data from the particular IP address.


These are ways to prevent yourself from being tracked by your own Analytics stats. The first one for WordPress users is very easy to set up, however, if you want you can use any method mention above to do this. I’m using the Flying Analytics on this BloggingSikho

But just use only one not all.

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Okay, and then let me know in the comment box, is it worked?