[Free] Best & Fastest Theme for WordPress in 2020

Are you really looking for the Free Best & Fastest Theme for WordPress in 2020?


Then, it will be your ultimate destination to know about that. You would not believe but I have tested more than 400+ WordPress Themes in my life and finally came with this theme.

Do you really want to know the Theme name? It’s Generatepress, the super-light, easy & free at all for any WordPress Blog/Website. It’s a multi-purpose & easily useable theme.

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Generatepress isn’t good as it is free but it’s good for its flexible customization & only 30 KB in size. It also has a paid version of this theme, but believe in me it’s already awesome in the Free version as well.

Why Generatepress?

Yeah, I know that you might be thinking I’m a fool and saying Generatepress is good blah, blah, blah. Just see the image below.


You can this kind of professional-level website/blog with Generatepress with just 1 click. Just check out this Site Library Demos of Generatepress.

Now, are you shocked? Let me tell you something more, Generatepress has 2 Million+ Downloads & 1000+ 5 Star Reviews by the users.

These are all a quick facts of Generatepress Theme for WordPress. Here is the reasons behind choosing Generatepress for you website/blog.

1. Light Fast:

You would not believe but switching to Generatepress from any other theme gives you a very much speed difference in your website. Because it’s very small in size almost 30 KB, but other themes size are excessed by 1 MB & more. So, I don’t prefer to use them.

Not only the theme size, but it has optimized & clean use of CSS & JS, which makes it faster than anything else.

2. Customization Ready & Pro-Demos

if you’re thinking that the theme is good but you can’t customize it according to your need. Then, you’re totally wrong. Generatepress is totally beginners friendly & has more than 20+ professional-looking demos that you can use. But it’s available only with the Premium version of Generatepress.

Generatepress Site Library

3. Feel Better for Users

Not only the theme is to be good for a website but also it should feel positive to a visitor. Generatepress has both, users can easily get a clean look, with easy to use navigation on those sites which have the theme.

Even our website is using Generatepress with GP Premium.

4. Take Full Control of your Site

Other free or paid theme allows you to just edit or customize fewer parts of your website but this theme allows you to take full control of your website. There is a section in GP Premium called Elements. It can be used to add various layout & hooks in your website almost all the paces which you want to customize.

Generatepress Premium

In a single word, Generatepress is Awesome for WordPress. From my side it gets 5 out of 5 Stars.

Generatepress : Free vs Paid

Now it’s the time which version of Generatepress do you choose? Actually, the Generatepress theme is a full free & open source. But to extend its features & flexibility there is a paid plugin available named GP Premium developed by the same theme author.

So, still, confused between Free vs Paid? Then, it is too simple to decide. If you’re a new blogger or don’t have a budget then go with the Free Version. You will get the same look & site speed as others have.

But if you already have a blog & earns from it and want to take control of your whole website then go with Free Theme along with the premium plugin.

But actually, the premium version isn’t a theme, it is a plugin called GP Premium which extends the theme features, which I have already told you above.

Also, if you’re thinking who will guide me to customize the theme, then let me know you that Generatepress a dedicated help forum for that, where along with the official theme author other theme users will help you.

Additionally, it one of the fastest theme currently available on the internet for WordPress. Also, if you’re using a fast web host like SiteGround or Bluehost then you can get your website load speed in just 1 second.

So, to get started you can download the Free Generatepress theme from WordPress.org & get your GP Premium from Here.

I hope this article helps you to find out the perfect theme for you blog.

Have you ever tried the GeneratePress WordPress theme? Did you like it? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below.