GPLPlus Review 2021; Buy GPL WordPress Themes, Plugins

GPLPlus Review 2020; Buy GPL WordPress Themes, Plugins | WordPress has made it possible for everyone to make a beautiful looking & fully functional website in minutes. But today we will talk about Review 2020, Should You Buy GPL Items from GPLPlus or not?


Before go in-depth on this matter first we have to know that What is GPLPlus? Is it legal to Sell GPL items on their website and are they safe to use?

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First of all we have to know what is GPL. Basically, GPL stands for The GNU General Public License. That means anyone can use it, modify it, and even can sell it if want.

The GNU General Public License is a series of widely used free software licenses that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software.

Source:- WikiPedia

What is GPLPlus? is a website that sells WordPress Themes, Plugins, etc which are under of GNU General Public License. You will get most of the popular & top-rated Themes, Plugins, and many more from the at a very low-cost price.

GPLPlus Membership Plans
GPLPlus Membership Plans

GPLPlus also offers membership plans, which will save your money as you will don’t need to buy all products separately from their website.

They also offer regular updates on their products which helps to keep your website up to date with all themes and plugins.

But I will highly recommend you to buy the product from the official developer/author/seller if you’re satisfied with the item using from

And if you have any query like is it legal what they are doing? Then yes, it is a fully legal as I have already said anyone can sell a GPL Licensed item. So, GPLPlus is selling these products without having any issues.

Is GPLPlus Safe?

In Doubt Image
In Doubt Image

The main question isn’t that the GPLPlus is safe or not. But the question is all the items that are on sale on GPLPlus is safe or not. Yes, these 100% safe & genuine as assured by the GPLPlus.

And, Why the Pricing is Too Low?

Well, regarding the answer to this question they have said that “Your purchase to our site goes towards maintaining and buying new product to 3rd party theme and plugin authors. This form of crowd funding helps keep prices low and we can then pass this benefit on to you.

They have also included “Our products don’t include premium support. Thats why we can offer up to 95% discounts on must-have commercial WordPress plugins.

I think you have been answered already above with your query. If not yet, then let me clarify, suppose GPLPlus sells an item to 10 customers at $5. Their total income is $50. But the original cost of the item is $30. Then they can easily go on like this and make all items cost as low as possible.

GPLPlus Review 2020:


GPLPlus is really a very low-cost WordPress Premium Themes and Plugins seller under the General Public License. They have made it possible for beginners to get the top-rated items at the lowest price ever.

Here is the 2020’s ultimate review of GPLPlus with discount coupon as well. Review 2020 & Discount Coupon
OverviewGPL WordPress Themes, Plugins Seller.
Selling CategoriesWordPress Themes
WordPress Plugins
PricingAs low as $4.99
Discount CouponNot Required

Use TheGPL.StoreThe #1 Rated GPL Themes & Plugins Seller only $2.99/-


Here I will try to be honest to provide you the conclusion on this topic. GPLPlus is a very good website for beginners who want but can’t afford the high rated themes and plugins. However, if you use the themes that will be much better.

Still, if you want then you may go with GPLPlus but when you will be able then please buy the same item from the official seller as well.

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