How to Setup Shift8 CDN in WordPress: A Step by Step Guide

How to Setup Shift8 CDN in WordPress: A Step by Step Guide | Do you want to use Shift8 CDN on your WordPress website?


Nowadays CDNs (Content delivery networks) are widely used to make websites faster and serve them as quickly as possible to the user. Today we will talk about one of the new CDN service providers – Shift8 CDN. It will instantly improve any site speed just by a single click.

Wow, you can also use Shift8 CDN for fully free upto 2 websites. Isn’t it great?

Obviously yes.

Now we will learn how to setup Shift8 CDN on WordPress, also we will include some key points which every CDN user must know.

What is Shift8 CDN?

Shift8 CDN is a content delivery network provider that acts as a proxy between a website and the visitor. It uses the nearby datacenter which is shorter in the physical distance so that the visitor doesn’t have to wait for more.

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Shift8 CDN truly diverse network with endpoints across the globe with bleeding edge compression and optimization for your website. It doesn’t just only make your site faster but also helps to gain more conversation rates.

Key Points of Using Shift8 CDN

Here are point important key points of using Shift8 CDN for WordPress.

  • 100% Free CDN for static assets on your site (CSS, JS, Images, Font files and more)
  • Geographic and latency based DNS routing of requests to the nearest endpoint server across the globe
  • Super easy set up: just install the plugin, activate and register to start using within minutes.

This will really help to improve your website SEO as speed.

World’s reputed digital marketer Neil Patel has said “They found that when you speed up your site from two seconds to one second, your dollars per pageview increase by 100%. Getting your speed to under two seconds can double your traffic and revenue.

So are you ready to grow your site on the next level? Let’s start the main course.

Setting Up Shift8 CDN on WordPress Site

Step 1: Create a Shift8 Account

  1. Go to the official website and click on the Register button.
  2. Enter your name, email, password, and hit the Register button.

Step 2: Adding Domain/Pullzone to Shift8 CDN

  1. Login to Shift8 dashboard, then click on the Pull Zone option above, then click on “Add Pull Zone
  2. Enter your site URL as it is with http or https in the URL box. Choose site type as WordPress and click on Add.
Shift8 CDN Add Pull Zone

Step 3: Setting up the Shift8 CDN WordPress Plugin

To complete the Shift8 CDN implementation process completely, you need to install and configure the Shift8 CDN Plugin with your WordPress website.

Then it will help your to:

  • Faster Load Images
  • Faster Load JS & CSS
  • Faster load Site resources
  • Improve site overall speed

So, let’s begin with plugin installation and configuration.

To Setup Shift8 CDN in WordPress Site;

  1. Navigate to your wp-admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for Shift8 CDN, then install and activate the plugin.
  2. Then go to dashboard side navigator -> Shift8 -> CDN Settings.
  3. In the core setting tab, Enable Shift8 CDN and enter site URL, Shift8 CDN API Key, Shift8 CDN Prefix.
    You will get these details from your Shift8 dashboard.
Shift8 CDN WordPress Plugin Setting

4. Finally Hit on Save Changes.

After you enable this Shift8 CDN you will see a shift performance boost in your website.

Do you Really Need a CDN for you Site?

To make your website faster and beat your competitors you will really need a CDN in recent days. It helps a great to boost the conversation rate and also gives your more from your expect.

That’s all, you don’t need to take more hiccups for this.

FAQs Regarding Shift8 CDN

  1. Is Shift8 CDN fully free?

    Yes, it is free upto 2 websites.

  2. What is the bandwidth limit of Shift8 CDN?

    It is 1000GB per month for all sites.

  3. What are the CDN locations of Shift8 CDN?

    Currently, Shift8 CDN has its endpoints in 16 different locations of the world. Check the full list here.

  4. What to do if my Shift8 CDN bandwidth limit excessed?

    Just upgrade your plan or wait for next bandwidth period.

  5. Can I use Cloudflare with Shift8 CDN?

    Yes, you can.

  6. Can I use another CDN provider like Jetpack, Key CDN, Bunny CDN etc with Shift8 CDN?

    It’s highly recommended to use one CDN service for one website. Otherwise, it may return unexpected results.

That’s it, good luck and enjoy your faster website!

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